Browser Check – Overview

Use the following tests to make sure that your browser is ready to take online courses. Even if you have taken courses in the past, you should run these tests before beginning your course. Many courses require newer versions of browser and plug-in software. You should run these tests on each computer you will use (at home and at work).

Run the following tests in order. If your browser does not pass a test, follow the instructions to download or upgrade your software and then run the test again. When your computer passes all the tests, you are ready to begin your online course.

Test Requirement
Web browser Microsoft™ Internet Explorer for Windows™, version 7 or later
Mac OS X (10.5) and Safari 4 or later
QuickTime plug-in Version 4.1 or later
Flash plug-in Version 9 or later
Shockwave plug-in Version 8 or later

For help with technical issues, please call 860-788-4626 (toll-free).